Who Grant Watkins is: 

Husband, happily married since 6/7/8 to the love of my life Rachel. Father to Ethan + Emma, two of the most beautiful gifts given to me. Creative, with the desire to create. Permanently located in Manhattan, Kansas known as the Little Apple.

What Grant Watkins Photography is about: 

Grant Watkins Photography is about having fun, having a can-do, let’s get it done,and willingness to go off the beaten path attitude. There have been plenty of times where the must have photo was captured while raining, snowing, crouched down in the Konza Prairie or in the middle of a busy city street. It’s about going above and beyond expectations while having a stellar time with great and adventurous people.

How Grant Watkins Photography started: 

My journey started in high school taking elective classes Photo 1 and 2 under the guidance of my high school art teacher, Mrs. Engstrom.  I would spend as much time as I could to learn, develop and progress as a photographer. I will admit, my first pictures definitely weren’t award-winning by any stretch of the imagination. However, over the years I have honed my technical and creative skills to capture that one moment and breath-taking images. My passion to create has evolved into a thriving photography business where I get to interact, photograph, and be around amazing people.

5 Facts about me:

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Manhattan, Kansas.

I was born in Germany and have lived in Denver, Upstate New York, and Seattle.

I’m addicted to Netflix, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel.

I’m a broncos fan, please don’t hold it against me! #GoBroncos

My car has an instagram: @jettaturbo1